How to keep passwords secure?

Learn how to keep passwords secure and always remembered.

How to keep passwords secure

Are you tired of keeping passwords remembered but passwords are very important for everything so we have to keep them in mind.

This is the main thing person usually thinks while generating or keeping any passwords that where I should keep it. Sometimes people keep same passwords for all the things and websites but this is very risky if someone got your password it can do anything with your accounts.

Don’t worry I have a perfect solution for you. Have you listened about passwords keeping softwares or apps or any websites which can keep passwords secure and give it to you when you need them?

Today in this article I am going to share the name of one website in which you can store your passwords and manage them simply without losing your any data. The name of this website is Lastpass. Have you listen about last pass? What is it and what it works?

Lastpass is a website which offers you to store your all passwords in a safe place. In lastpass you can also store your all details which you need to fill regularly in different forms. Such as name, address, date of birth, passwords, area pin code, email addresses and many more.

You can also see this video to understand it in a better way –

In this website you need to create an account with your email ID and it gives you a panel to keep your all credentials, passwords, websites and other personal details which you need routinely to fill in different websites and forms. As you can fill your all details once in last pass it will automatically suggest or offer you that data whenever you are filling any form. Cool! It saves time.

You can keep passwords secure of your all websites with their category by creating different folders in last pass dashboard. Now I think there is one question in some people’s mind that is it safe to keep all our data and credentials in this website?

Yes, this websites is completely secured and tested by different government organizations also. Currently there are countless number of peoples who are using lastpass as their password keeper. Last pass also has its own plugin and extension for Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox so that you can install it there and directly access your dashboard without opening this website again and again.

Do you know last pass has its own android and ios app also? You can also check the number of its user and its rating in Google play and apple store. This website also offers you to share your websites with their passwords to other peoples also without showing them your passwords.

Now you don’t have any need to remember the passwords of all your websites and apps. You just need to open that website or app last pass will offer you to use those passwords.

Thanks for giving your valuable time to this article. Hope this article is useful for you.

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