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Welcome to UrbanEraTrend {UET} – A community of learning and enthusiastic bloggers who are very intelligent and here popularly named as “Trendies!” Bloggers who knows to grow their passion and living internet trendy lifestyle.

Here is what UrbanEraTrend contains:

  • 80% of practical tips and tricks to raise and earn money from your blog, rest 20% contains extra activies we do in our regular lifestyles.
  • Secure & trusted money making techniques. That is pretty interesting and anyone can do who wants to do it really.
  • A community of newbies and experienced bloggers who are touching the sky just with their passion.
  • Not only contain Technical, Shopping, Travel, Academic and Fashion bloggers. This is for everyone who wants to make their future with their passion.
  • New, easy and beneficial tips for newbies, entrepreneurs and business startups.
  • Complete theory and practical of all tips and tricks to increase leads and positively close them.
  • Great discounts on all types of web services and every products on different e-commerce platforms.
  • Video tutorials to let you understand each and everything quickly and easily.

I have purchased urbaneratrend.com in December 2015 and that time I was thinking to make it India’s best e-commerce website. I don’t have any idea of designing and developing websites that time when I purchased this domain. One of my best friend helped me make my dream true but due to lack of money we can’t invest much to buy products for our store so that time I have decided to start blogging and think to add shop section later in this.

That time I have also paid my friend some money for development part of this website and started blogging as fun. Just after sometime I have also created a YouTube channel for those persons who are not interesting in reading articles and blogs. That time I have decided to also let them read my blogs and articles through videos which is also known as e-learning.

The first and main thing to do is to become my own boss. Ok, leave it.

Have you blogged before? If not, then don’t do any mistake with it like just any other thing. Blogging is a powerful tool to make your passion your future and to take yourself at the top.

Always remember that one person can change the world with his/her words.

UrbanEraTrend is the best platform for everyone who is passionate with their skills and discover themselves with their content. I met many peoples who think blogging is just to write your personal stories and thoughts, but this is the real fact. Here you don’t have to do hard work, it needs smart work. You need to let your blog live and this is what UrbanEraTrend is all about.

UrbanEraTrend is an answer of these questions:

  1. How to earn money online?
  2. How can you become your own boss and leave your job?
  3. How can you make your identity throughout the world?

Here at UrbanEraTrend, I proudly say that UrbanEraTrend has changed the life of many individuals throughout the world and make them understood that they can make their future with their passion.

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