Xampp is not working with Skype

Xampp is not working with Skype

Hello, Trendies!

Want to install both Xampp and Skype both but not working?

Seen lots of videos and visited lots of websites to resolve this issue?

But… What is the result?

Not working

So get ready to learn how to install and run Xampp and Skype in one pc without any error.

with this article I have also created and attached a video for this issue so that you can solve this issue easily.

Please watch the video shown below or read more steps below video.

First you need to remove both the softwares completely from your system and root folders if they are installed from a long time.

Then you need to delete all {temp} file captured and stored in your system.

After this install Skype and login as you use it regularly.

After above given step you need to go to Tools menu shown on the top or you can hit Alt+T in Skype.

After this click on options button or you can hit Ctrl+, given under tools menu and just after this a popup screen will appear in front of you.

Then click on Advanced button showing as the last option in that popup.

After last mentioned step click on connections option showing under advanced settings.

Here you need to uncheck ☑ [ ]{Use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections.} this line.

Now you need to click on the save and save the settings.

After this process you need to restart your Skype or logout and login again.

Now you can install Xampp and it will work perfectly and your problem that Xampp is not working with Skype is resolved completely.

You may check with your Apache and MySQL after start it will now start as usual.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you find this article and video useful.

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