How to keep bookmarks in a proper manner?

As we all know bookmarks is a very important part of our life. Where we find anything important we bookmark it whether it is a note in a book, important article in a newspaper or a web page in a web browser.

Presently there are millions of persons who are surfing to the internet right now and also bookmark lots of websites according to them which they think beneficial for future. But as there are thousands of millions website are there on the internet and regularly increasing day by day in thousands.

So, we will also find lots of suitable websites for our single task and we want to bookmark all of that, then what to do?

If we will bookmark every single website or two or three more websites for a single topic then the ratio of bookmarks will be increased to around 30 per day. But we need that and also face lots of difficulties to find our previous bookmark we have saved before 1 week or a month before.

Only for this Google chrome has launched a folder system in your bookmark tab. Now you can keep all your bookmarks according to their use and categories or you may say niche.

And that is also very easy to create a folder and save bookmarks into them. You can do it with below given simple steps or you may also watch the video that is also shown below.

Steps to create a folder and store bookmarks into them:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Take your cursor to the bookmark tab and right click on it.
  3. Select Add folder option there.
  4. Suddenly a new popup box will appear there and ask for the name of that folder.
  5. Type the name of that folder and press Enter.
  6. Now your folder is created.
  7. After this you are thinking to bookmark a site or a webpage and save it to that folder open that website or webpage.
  8. Now click on star showing on the right side or URL bar.
  9. Again one popup will appear there and ask for the name of that webpage and folder.
  10. There you have to give that bookmark a name and select suitable folder.


Now you can check your folder your bookmark is saved the and you don’t have any need to go here and there to search it.

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