Is your laptop is restarting again and again?

Which company laptop are you using?

No matters, which laptop’s company is?

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Here we are going to share the solution of most popular issue lots of peoples are facing now days. After the increasing trend of portable gadgets like laptop, net book, notebook the demand of these gadgets is increased in youngsters.

But there are also lots of issues which peoples are facing like laptop is not starting, laptop is restarting again and again, screen is not properly working, lots of colors are showing on the screen or any other.

With the solution of all these issues we are here with our experts who can solve your all types of problems related to these types of gadgets.

If we see the ratio of laptop issues there is one main which is searching by lots of laptop users and that is there laptop is not working properly and it restarts again and again.

This issue is occurred due to some hibernate problem. Some time it may be solved by restarting your laptop or any other gadget and sometimes it need some other tricks.

For this just follow these steps first:

  1. Remove your battery and power adapter first.
  2. After this you need to press your power button for minimum 45 seconds.
  3. After above step insert your battery and connect your device charger.
  4. Please try to start it now.
  5. After this your problem of laptop is restarting again and again will be resolved.


If now your device starts and run perfectly then this the issue off hibernate otherwise you need to contact your device company if that is under warranty and ask them to check your power/charging jack and motherboard. In 90% cases this problem is occurred due to jack or motherboard issue.

If still now you are facing this issue and your project’s warranty has expired feel free to ask us. Our experts will help you and tried their best to give you satisfaction.

Don’t get worried about the payment and be alert, we will not charge any amount from any person for any issue. We are here just to guide you about these gadgets.

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Thanks for reading this article. Hope this is helpful for you.

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    1. Thanks Satvinder,

      My all posts there are for help only. Surely I will post these types of posts.

    1. It’s great to see your query here and we will try our best to sort out this issue.

      First can you please go to boot menu, then put your harddisk on the 1st priority. and then restart your system. If even after that this problem is not resolved, then please repair your system’s Windows with original windows DVD. May be any useful file has been deleted by any malware.

      Even after that if the problem continues please let us know.

      Thank you.

  1. I came across your Laptop is restarting, again and again, post and truly I got what I was looking for.Thanks for this info! 🙂

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