Have you ever received a mail or message saying you’ve won an extremely large amount of money without doing anything?

They would say it’s a lucky draw or lottery that you’ve won. Yes, you may have…!!! These messages or mails are called SPAMS.


SPAMS! What are Spams?

SPAM stands for Stupid, Pointless and Annoying Messages.

Spams are fraudulent or irrelevant messages that are send to you via mail or messages over the internet. These are sent to the large number of users indiscriminately. The purpose behind sending these messages are to trick people. The message could contain advertising, or virus (so that when the receiver open it, their system could become prone to the malware), or some phishing tricks to make people fool and take money from them.

Although spams messages automatically goes to the spam folder (due to the security features of Email) but not all of them goes to that folder. So you all should be careful of what you see and read on the internet.

The below are one of the many spam messages that are send to people (this one was sent to me).

Firstly, they will tell you that you have won a huge amount of money by a lucky draw or lottery. They will give you their details to make you think that it’s true, even the document would contain ‘The LOGO’, signatures and contact details, but all of it is a setup. It’s all planned to make fool of you and to trick you to give them money intentionally.

Here, take example from the above image.


This document is sent by Coca Cola Company but why would they sent this to anyone and this huge amount of money for nothing.

After providing their fake details (their details may be fake but it will be working as they will try to prove you its lethal). Now, they’ll ask you for your details. The details would be address, mail-id, phone number, nationality, credit/debit card number, etc. You should not provide anyone with these kind of details. Sometimes they’ll ask for money from you saying that it’s a transaction fee and to transfer the money to your account you need to pay them. These are all tricks to attempt to take money from you.

You shouldn’t fall into tricks like this. Whenever you get mail like these you should avoid it or report it to the Cyber Cell Police Unit.

If you go with them and provide with details it can prove harmful for you.

So you all should be careful while seeing this type of stuffs.

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  1. Yes, you are correct. I have also recieved 2 or 3 mails from maruti suzuki for job confirmation but before that they will ask for 27,000 INR as a security deposit. I have reported them to cyber police and currently they are doing investigation on that case and looking to catch that frauds. 👍

  2. Good job buddy…
    For helping the people to not be trapped by this & to become fool…
    Thank you for this info….

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