How to check Page Rank in Google manually?

Oh! Google removed page rank from its algorithms.

How to check Page Rank in Google manually 2

But even then we need to check page rank of our and others website for different purposes may be that is for competitor analysis or our own website’s SEO stats. The fact is that the PR will never be ended from web or SEO section; it can only be removed from Google ranking sector.HostingRaja

Let me explain it with an example so that you can get it in a better way. Suppose you are doing Off page SEO of your blog or website at that time you needs to check the position of your domain regularly whether you are getting any benefits from your techniques or not? So, for that we will search for our domain on Google and check its PR through different tools or we can also check it with one more way. Do you want to know that also?

Ok, I will tell you. Whenever you search for your keyword that time Google shows you different results indexed from different websites and blogs but there you are looking for your domain whether it is on first page or on tenth page. And if you found your website there you feel happy that tactics you are using are working and exact that time one question commonly occurred in our mind that how to check the rank of my domain now? That, time you need to right click on your domain and take your mouse cursor to the cache button that will be shown there once you have right clicked on the arrow button showing after the URL of your domain.

There you just need to stay your mouse cursor and see the URL that is showing below. In that URL you will see two characters “cd=number”. This number represents your domain’s rank in Google.


With this method you will get the exact and accurate result as compared to different tools available on lots of search engines that offer you to show you your page rank correctly. You can also compare that with some websites. Some of those tools are just there to get your visit and increase their traffic.

With this article I have also attached a video of this tutorial you may like to watch. As I think a video is a perfect method for young generation to learn anything. That’s why the craze of smart classes is increasing rapidly around the world.

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