Are you an blogger?

If yes, then on which platform you are posting your blogs and articles?
If no, then for which platform are you thinking to work on as a freelancer?

For both Blogger is the best platform ever and the main thing that this is free and even if you want you to attach your own domain with it, that is also free here. You don’t need to pay any amount for hosting.

Do you know what is domain and hosting?

Domain is the url identification for your website and yourself. For example Flipkart is an eCommerce company and its domain is In this {.com} this is the main extension and {flipkart} is the brand name.

If you have good quality blogs and articles no one is in the world to stop you to become a successful person and made your career in blogging.

As I told you blogger is a free platform for blogging so if you have passion about writing this is the best platform for you. Blogger is SEO friendly as this is hosted by Google itself. In this platform you can make upto 100 blogs for free and there is no limit of posts.

As the passion of blogging is increasing rapidly the layout of getting better day by day and now it also comes with mobile friendly versions.

For new bloggers it may be difficult to change the layout the design and do some coding. But you don’t have any need to worry about this. Here we tell you each and everything about this platform and surely soon you will be the master of this platform.

So, what are you waiting for Subscribe to this website now and get daily updates directly to your mail. Thanks for giving me your valuable time.

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