How to Make a Soda Machine Easily at Home!

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to tell you about very useful and easy to use soda machine.  In this article, I have mentioned that how can you make your own Soda Machine or Coca Cola Machine which will work exactly like pro machines available in the market.

So, let’s start it.

To make this machine first you need these things with you!

  1. Cardboard
  2. Battery 9V – 1
  3. 6V DC Mini air pump motor
  4. Push button switch – 3
  5. Tubes (Thin & Thick) – 2
  6. .50mm or 75 mm Wire
  7. Bottles – 3
  8. Drill machine (To make hole in the bottle cap)

Now, we will tell you the procedure to make it.

  1. First, cut the Wire into 9 equal pieces.
  2. Then solder 6 pieces of wire with all 3 motors.
  3. Then solder 6 pieces of wire with all 3 push buttons.
  4. Now you need to connect one wire of every switch with one wire of motor.
  5. After the 4th step, you need to connect all the 3 left wires of switches with one another and make one output wire from that.
  6. Then connect all the 3 left wires of motors with one another and make one output wire.
  7. Now we have 2 wires left.
  8. As after 7th step, we have 2 wires left. Now we need to solder that two wires with a 9 V battery connector.
  9. After adding the connector you need to connect the battery with it to make a full functioning system.
  10. Now you can test every motor by pushing the switches connected with them. If all motors are working then congratulations you have made your own functioning soda fountain machine system.
  11. After completion of the system, you need to create its cabinet/outer structure.
  12. To make its outer structure you need 3 bottles from which you need to take drinks with this machine.
  13. Now to need to make 2 holes in the cap of every bottle. Remember that the sizes of holes depend on the motor size and one for the pipe from which liquid will come out.
  14. After doing the holes, you need to attach both the pipes with every cap of the bottle and paste it with glue.
  15. Now you need to test one motor that our system is working properly or not.
  16. If that is working properly, then you can attach them to all 3 bottles when the structure is ready.
  17. Now to make the structure I refer you to watch the video attached below.

After the complete system ready you can use it in your house or also in parties organized by you at regular occasions.

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