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> Watch out for the timing.

Timing is everything. Asking for salary hike at the right time will ensure you to get it. If the company is doing good go for it and ask for a raise.

> How you ask, matters.

When asking for a salary hike, be straightforward about what you want and prepare to explain exactly why you deserve it.

> Keep your expectations clear.

Before you decide how much of raise to request, do some hard work to assess your market worth by talking to your network and to recruiters and checking out the internet.

> Don’t play the “Quitting” card.

Threatening to leave unless you actually get a bigger package could be dangerous. Even if your employer agrees to keep you on board, it can leave a bad taste in his/her mouth.

> What if you don’t get the raise?

Rejection is hard to hear, but don’t get disheartened. If your boss offers a valid explanation for not giving you the raise you wanted, you must prepare yourself up to get it the next time.

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Source: Jobbuzz