5 Ways to handle bad appraisal

1. Keep calm – Try to be logical and sensible. If you proactively want to do something about it, it is best to take it up with your immediate manager.

5 Ways to handle bad appraisal

2. Be objective – Be realistic and assess yourself objectively and think of areas where you could improve. Upskill yourself rather than going on a bashing spree.

3. Clarify doubts (if any) – If needed, correct errors that your manager might have made in your review by giving quantifiable data. But don’t be defensive.

4. Plan a strategy – Actions speak louder than words! Develop a strategy which translates your crucial evaluations into exact actions. Take constructive feedback and work on it.

5. Be positive – If you feel like your appraisal was not good, ask your boss about things that went well during the year. That will not only remind him of the good stuff you’ve done but also give you some self-confidence.

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Source – Jobbuzz

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