14-year-old boy arrested for creating Ransomware

A 14-year-old boy in Osaka area Japan was charged Monday for professedly created ransomware, the first such arrested in Japan, police said.

The 3rd year junior high school student is speculated of linking free encryption software to create a ransomware virus, a type of malware that encrypts workstation files and makes them unavailable until the user pays a ransom amount, the experts said.

The student residing in the township of Takatsuki has confirmed to creating the ransomware on Jan. 6. He uploaded it to an abroad website and guided people to the website through social media so they would download it, the specialists said. He told detectives it took him about three days to build the ransomware using his personal workstation.

While no financial damages from the malware infection have been confirmed so far, somebody who downloaded the malware could also be charged with breaking the law on collecting electromagnetic records by unlawful command, the references said.

The teen’s ransomware provided a downloader to spoil a sufferer computer, asking in Japanese that a payment is made in digital money.

The student has told analysts that he wanted to become popular and the ransomware had been downloaded more than 100 times.

The boy participated in a computer abilities class on how to assemble a personal workstation when he was in elementary school, according to the authorizations.

The Kanagawa prefectural cop encountered the case through cyber patrolling in January and seized the teen’s computer during a residence search in April.

The suspension came after a huge cyber attack in May using ransomware identified as WannaCry that caught over 150 countries, disordering the British health assistance system and work with numerous companies, including Japanese firms.

The WannaCry ransomware, which charged payment in virtual money Bitcoin in exchange for a key to unlock data, is supposed to have traveled across networks by utilizing a defect in Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

“Ransomware is on the increase with the range of virtual money Bitcoin,” said Tetsutaro Uehara, an educator at Ritsumeikan University who practices in information security.

Seeing it is challenging to retrieve data once a PC is affected with ransomware, Uehara said it is “crucial to executing backups just in case.”

Workstation security firm Trend Micro Inc. identified over 65,400 ransomware strikes in Japan last year, marking a 9.8-fold jump from the year before, according to the organization.

Ransomware aiming Android smartphones and other portable devices like tablets surged in the first quarter of 2017, with the security group confirming 1,23,100 types worldwide during that period, around 5.6 times more than those observed a year earlier.

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  1. Thank God! One of them is finally arrested. These guys has spoiled my last 8+ years of data and even taken my money.

    Is there anyway to recover my data now? Please help me if anyone knows. 😊

    Thanks in advance!

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