6 Smart And Safest Methods To Charge Your Phone

Bad charging habits like charging the phone throughout the night hurt the battery’s strength in the long run. Likewise, using the cheap chargers for your phone is also dangerous to your phones along with the battery and cause various issues.

Always charge your phones and other devices with their own chargers. If the charger you are using is not original which comes with your smartphone may affect battery performance and your phone starts consuming more power and slows down the battery life. Whenever you need to charge your smartphone with another charger, always ensure that the another charger’s output voltage and current charger’s rating matches the original charger and is approved to use by the phone’s manufacturer.

Always remove the protective case of the phone while charging and keep your phone as it is natural that battery slightly warms itself but case act as the hurdle to slow down the heat. Flip the phone over and place it on a soft cloth to protect the display.

Phone manufacturers always recommend not to use fast chargers as they involve in high voltage which will send to the phone resulting in high temperature and cause major battery and device issues. Give your phone a normal charging cycle and if abnormally your phone starts to heat up and that time you should switch off your phone and allow your smartphone to maintain its inside temperature.

Avoid using apps that claim to save your phone’s battery as they always affect battery negatively and trying to stop all the major background apps aggressively and shutting down them without knowing what they are doing.

All phone and power bank manufacturers recommend avoiding using mobile devices when it is connected to power bank as it increases the internal temperature and shortens battery life.

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