How to access Gmail in Apple iPhone?

How to access your Gmail account on your Apple iPhone if you upgraded to it?

The iPhone is a quality product. It’s a fantastic phone in terms of processor, camera, speed, everything and also it gives you product guarantee instead of warranties because they know their products will never let them down, but it lacks some things like connectivity with mobile phones other than apple products i.e. you cannot connect your apple product with android operating system.

There are also some problems like if you have a Gmail or Yahoo! Account and you just upgraded to Apple product and you have to login to those accounts in your new Apple devices, it becomes a difficult task. It can happen but takes a lot amount of struggle to log in.

So there’s an easy way to access your Gmail account on your Apple account.

If you use Google services like Gmail, Google calendar, etc. on a daily basis or if you have upgraded your mobile from android or any other operating system to iOS than you would certainly like to add your google accounts on your apple product.

For set up of your google account on your iOS system, here’s the way to do it:

  1. Open Settings. Select ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendar’.
  1. Now select ‘Add Account’. It will show different mail account sites like iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google, Yahoo!, etc.
  1. Select ‘Microsoft Exchange’ and fill out details in the next page.
  1. Click on ‘Next’. It will go to next page. It will show an box naming ‘Server’, fill ‘’ and press ‘Next’

After this, your account is setup.

You can also see all steps in this video –

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