6 ways to stand out in the Workplace

1. Take initiatives: If you want senior management to value your contribution, you need to take initiatives. Think about the areas where you can genuinely add value. Don’t be afraid of taking risks.

2. Be an asset: Don’t just stick to your routine tasks, instead work as a team, be an asset to the organization, at large. Help others and try to find solutions for the team.

3. Speak up: Don’t be afraid to voice your thoughts at meetings, provided they add value to the discussion. However, avoid speaking for the sake of saying something – it will do more bad than good.

4. Building good relations: Building good relations at work is often taken for granted. However, being friendly to colleagues and another staff member is very important.

5. Being a problem solver: Problem arises at workplaces. Try to think things through, be proactive and come up with solutions rather than just pointing them out.

6. Work hard: This is obvious but still is the most important thing for anybody to get noticed at work. Work hard, to the best of your ability and your efforts will be noticed.

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