Download YouTube video without video downloader

Download YouTube video without any video downloader?

Download YouTube video without video downloader

Do you know how to download YouTube video without any video downloader? Don’t worry I will tell you.

As we all know that the viewers on YouTube are increasing day by day and there are millions of visitors who visit YouTube per day. They see the video they want and even want to download but sometimes due to lack of video downloader software they are unable to download their favourite video. But now that person will download its favourite video anytime and anywhere without any video downloader software. Want to know how?

There is no special thing you need to do. You just have to go to YouTube and find your favourite video and in the URL of that video you need to write 2 characters and that will automatically offers you to download that video without any software and that’s not all. From this trick you can also get one more benefit that you can download any video in any quality whether it will be 1080p, 720p, 480p or any other. If you are a music lover and want to download that video in mp3 format you can download it too with this trick.

You just need to type these two characters {ss} in your URL after www. and before and that page will be redirected to download page from where you have access to download that particular video in any format.

For your comfort I have also created and attached one video of that so that you can do it easily. You can find that video below:

Not only this, you can also bookmark the website which will we open after writing {ss} and then every time you need to download any video and you copy the URL of that video and paste into this website and download it. No matter where that video is located.

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Thanks for reading this article and watching this video. Hope your find this post beneficial and you have learnt something new here.

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