Use WhatsApp without number?

How to use WhatsApp without number

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What’s Up? Today I am going to show you how to use WhatsApp without number.

As we all know that WhatsApp is the largest messaging app used by millions of peoples around the world. WhatsApp gives us the facility to send messages, files, images, videos and contacts to anyone located in any country without any extra charge except internet charges. This app is user-friendly and anyone can use it easily whether it is a technical person or non-technical. To use WhatsApp first we need to create an account on that using our smartphone and contact number.

Have you ever think before that we can also create an account on WhatsApp without any smartphone and contact number? This means we don’t need any SIM card to register on WhatsApp. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. We can create an account on WhatsApp without any contact number. Lots of people have app installed in their smartphones to do conversation with their friends and relatives. But many people don’t want to share their contact details but still want to do chats. Android, Blackberry, Apple iOS and Windows users can easily create an account on WhatsApp without any SIM card and use it as all people.

Requirements to use WhatsApp without number:

If your tablet or iPad don’t support SIM card still you can use WhatsApp in that but please ensure that your device supports Wi-Fi network. Now I am going to tell you two different ways to use WhatsApp without SIM card.

Method 1:

To use WhatsApp without SIM card follow these steps:

  1. If you are currently using WhatsApp in your phone please uninstall that or delete your account from that.

“Before uninstallation or deletion of your account I suggest you to take backup of your all files and chats.”

  1. So, if you have just deleted your WhatsApp account please update your WhatsApp or download a latest version of that.
  2. Now WhatsApp will show you an option to register again with your contact number but remember we need to use that without showing our number.
  3. So, first you need to put your smartphone on Airplane Mode.
  4. Now open updated version of WhatsApp and enter your contact number but as your phone is on Airplane Mode so no verification will be done by WhatsApp.
  5. So, now you need to complete your WhatsApp verification through your email address. Put your valid email there.
  6. Click on Submit button and then suddenly click on Cancel
  7. You need to do above task very carefully and quickly because that is very much important section of this process.
  8. Now you need to install one app named “Spoof Message” in your smartphone.
  9. Now you need to open outbox and send your message to a fake number. To do false verification you need to give this number.

  • To – +447900347295
  • From – (Country Code)(Mobile Number)
  • Message – Your valid email address
  1. False verification message will be sent to fake number. Now your verification is completed and you can use WhatsApp smoothly.

You can also watch this video for better understanding. 🙂

Method 2:

In my first method I have told you about the regular method which people usually use and that is too long process as well.

So, I am going to tell you 2nd method in which you need to create an account on WhatsApp by installing an app named “Text Now”.

  1. Android users please go to play store and install an app named “Text Now App”. iPhone users download this from iTunes store and Windows users download it from Windows phone store.
  2. Now please open “Text Now” app and note the number after completing all the steps.
  • To get the number Android users need to click on 3 dots showing on the top left corner, there you will get that number.
  • As Android users, iPhones users will also need to do the same process to get that number.
  • But Windows users needs to go to People Tab option after opening this app, there you will get the number.
  1. As you will get number please note it down on any paper or dairy and open WhatsApp.
  2. The number you have got from “Text Now”, now you need to enter that here.
  3. Now you need to wait for 5 minutes as WhatsApp will try to verify your number through SMS and it will fail. Then WhatsApp will show you a button to verify your number by call you need to click on that. After that WhatsApp will call you to verify your number and in that call you will get your verification code.
  4. After this, you need to enter that code in WhatsApp verification section
  5. Congratulations!!! You have activated WhatsApp without your mobile number.

Hope this post is useful for you and you will also share it with your friends as well.

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