8 Hidden Tricks to Increase Instagram Followers

8 Hidden Tricks to Increase Instagram Followers

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What’s Up? Today in this article I am going to tell you 8 hidden tricks to increase Instagram followers. So, let’s start the process to learn these hidden secrets.

Friends as we all know the use of smartphone is increasing rapidly day by day and now it is a part of our lifestyle and has almost changed our life routine. In this era every single person wants to be in the touch of his or her relatives and friends. Everyone wants to share his or her memories on social media to keep them safe for forever.

Whenever we go outside or visit any tourist place we think to capture that moment in our camera that’s why the demand of high-quality camera smartphones increased and companies started making their phones with better camera in cheaper price. We always click our pics and post them on different social media to show it to our friends and relatives and be updated with society.

Currently Instagram is the one of the best and top using app to upload and share images as this app is available for all major OS like android, ios, etc. so every person in every country can use it in his or her smartphone. Maybe some people knows that our favorite social media platform Facebook has purchased Instagram and from that time the user of Instagram is increased by 10X.

Mostly people just share their images on Instagram due to its popularity only. But I individually also think that Instagram is the best app to share selfies or short videos. As this is the era of Internet and everyone wants to be famous so, this is the best app to get more and more followers.

That’s why I am here to solve this problem for all of you. In this now you are going to learn 8 hidden tricks to increase Instagram followers.

  1.  Like Others Pictures

This is the best way to assure your presence in Instagram. If you like someone’s image he or she will surely see your profile and pictures. May be possible that person will suddenly starting following you. Then whenever you upload any new image or video he or she will surely like it and if needed also do comment on it. It usually happens when you likes or comment on someone’s image or video, he or she will also do the same. With this it is also possible that the follower of another person also starts following you.

  1. Post regularly (In limit)

In Instagram you need to post daily so that your presence will be remain in the eyes of Instagram users. With this the interest of your followers on your profile will remain active and you will get more followers. But keep in mind don’t start posting too much this irritates your followers can they will stop following you. You can post once or twice a day to make your profile better and keep your followers updated about yourself. With this method you will never lose your followers and more people started following you.

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  1. Shoutouts

In Instagram shoutout is the way to give attention to your account. To do this we need the help of posts and captions. With with more audience will reach your profile and your followers will jump up suddenly. If any famous profile gives you a shoutout then it is very beneficial for your profile to be in front of many peoples. There are lots of accounts which have got millions of followers only due to shoutouts.

There are two ways to get shoutouts. First is to say your friends to shout out your profile and you will also do theirs so that you both will get new followers. Second way is to contact already famous profiles creators to shout out your profile. It is also possible that they will ask for money to do that but this is very useful and effective way to increase your followers.

  1. Make your profile attractive

Make you account attractive so that new people who visits your profile impressed and starts following you. But if your profile is not attractive no will follow you and your recent followers will also unfollow you and I think everyone knows this.

Now I am going to tell you some basic things which can make your profile look better and classy.

  • Only set your original profile picture to get more views towards your profile.
  • Write brief info about yourself in your bio section.
  • Only post your images and videos to show your originality.
  • If your profile is public then please post only relevant images. (Professional pics)
  • Don’t post every personal image on Instagram if your profile public.
  1. Post on proper time

No one wants to upload image at irrelevant time when no one notices that. That’s why it is most important to post only when mostly peoples are active on Instagram. If you do post according to me surely your posted image or video will be noticed by many peoples and you will get lots of likes, comments and shares.

The relevant time to post images and videos is between 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm as this time maximum users are active on Instagram. With this method you will see a high jump in your followers.

  1. Use Hashtags

Whenever you post any image or video on Instagram you all the option to write captions over there. At the place of caption you can also add hashtags which are popular among youngsters and give a pump to your post. These hashtags are also used as links on Instagram, whenever anyone search for that tag might be your post will come in front of him or her and your will get his or her like and follow.

  1. Geotag your posts

Whenever we snap any photo from our smartphone camera we have an option to add location tags in that. Even after uploading we can add our snap location on our post. With this Instagram will give a pump up your post in your location and you will get your targeted traffic.

  1. Use these hashtags

There are lots of tags which have high search on Instagram so if we use that we can get more traffic towards our profile and increase our visibility among peoples. These are some popular using hashtags – like4like, like4like, l4l, follow4like, followforfollow, follow4follow, follow4like, Instadaily, Instagood, picoftheday, enjoy, selfie, instagram, like4follow, followbackalways, followme, etc.

If you use these hashtags with your post I am damn sure you will get more and more success on Instagram and if it doesn’t work I will give you whatever you say.

So, friends today in this article I have told you the 8 hidden tricks to increase Instagram followers and be famous.

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